Hermes makes the final move on the cosmic chess board

using the energy in Ron Atkin's watercolour 7ft x 5ft he captures an alien 'mother ship.'

Inside are all the blue prints designed by them to trigger 'THE GREAT RESET.'

Will this be the end of all 'FAKE' vaccines?

Followed by the end of LIES and the reclamation of democracy?

JOHN LANE said this in 1975

The date is 2043 and a rare 2021 painting by RA is found in

an attic. It is in perfect condition and measures 40"x 50" on canvas.

The title written on the back is 'Where God Creates Seraphim's' As you know RA was instrumental in uncovering an 'ancient alien' plot

to Decompensate  7 billion people in 2020/22.


Turner's last palette

If you doubt Hermes, perhaps a different view may help you awaken. Though Hermes says it only dances with some aspects of God's entourage.

Begin -is an apt word for the pdf -A new message from God.

It rightly warns the aliens plan to take your SOUL, but does not explain how you can prevent them. Please Sign & Share

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